Restore Deleted Files from Mac OS X
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Mac is among the best and popular operating system around the world. It is most widely used because of its advanced features like mail application, file vault, face time, Mac App Store, Air Drop etc. Most of the Mac users think that the data stored on Mac hard disk is 100% secure. However there are many cases of Mac hard disk failure that you can encounter in your day to day life resulting in file deletion / loss. In such circumstances, Mac hard drive recovery software will help you to overcome the problem and recover lost files.

How deleted or lost files be recovered?

Majority of Mac users over the globe have a perception that whenever they delete any file or format their Mac hard disk drive, files will permanently remove their file, but it's not true. Because whenever you format your hard disk or delete any file, only the reference pointer directing to the stored file or folder will be removed and the space is made available for reuse. Nevertheless the actual files remain intact until and unless it is overwritten with new data. So unless the file is not overwritten by any new file, recovering them is no big deal using Mac hard drive recovery tool. Using this superb utility user can even recover files deleted from Trash Bin as well.

Few common reasons for losing files from Mac are explained below:

  • Unintentionally formatting a Mac volume ends with complete data loss
  • Power failure while copying files from one storage drive to another
  • Clearing the Trash without examining its content is another common reason for file loss from Mac system
  • Deleting an important Mac file using Shift + Command + Delete key combination, will bypasses the deleted file from Trash
  • Abnormal termination of Mac system results in catalog file corruption, which in turn ends with inaccessibility of volume
  • Journal file corruption also resulting in loss of vital files

Precautionary measures to avoid file loss from Mac hard disk:

  • Maintain an effective backup of all important files on reliable storage drives like external hard disk, CDs, DVDS, USB drives etc
  • Before connecting any external drive to your system scan the device for virus first
  • Use UPS device to prevent data loss due to power surge
  • Check the contents of Trash Bin before emptying it

About the software:

Through Mac hard drive recovery software, it is very easy to recover lost and deleted files from your Mac hard disk. It also supports MacBook hard disk file recovery. If you want to restore data from MacBook Pro then refer this page: To recoup data out of your Mac hard drive or volume without wasting time download and use Mac hard drive recovery program.

Using this tool you can even recover SD card on Mac based system. Software manual contain snapshot, which guides you in your recovery process. It also provides facility to preview the recovered data before recovery, so that you can choose the right file before recovery process. Moreover, it can recover deleted files from MacBook Air, Mac, iMac, Mac Mini and many others. Demo version of the software is also available through which you can estimate the software performance, and if you are happy with the results then you can go for the licensed version.

How to use the software:

  • Download and install Mac Recovery application on your Mac machine
  • Launch the software and stick to the onscreen procedures
  • Choose "Formatted / Reformatted Recovery" option to recover data after OS re-installation or accidentally formatting partition
  • After this select the volume from where you want to recover your lost data
  • Select the appropriate file type to recover your data based on file extensions else you can also click on "Skip" button to display all the deleted/lost data
  • Software scans the selected volume and displays all the recoverable files which you can preview using built-in option
  • Save the rescued files to any desired location or drive. You can also compress the recovered files before saving to save memory